Student Life

More than 3000 Indian students in which nearly 1100 girls are studying graduation courses at the Faculty of general medical in Bishkek.The Indian student can work in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries after completing course rom AMI, they can also works at govt, Private doctors in india and senior Consultants in coporate hospital in india.AMI arranges preparatory class for screening test for MCI from 1st year.

AMI administration has always encourages and promoted secularism amongst its students.This has been the main reason for communal harmony and peace among fellow Indian students studying AMI.In order to makes student’s life more interesting there are all the conditions in the institute to conduct cultural measures.For Students of the Institute there are all the conditions for leisure,namely sport halls gym,swimming pool & etc.Institute organize different festivals,tours,games and encourages students to take part in different study and sports compedition.For students’s habitation there are such conditions as hostel and separate comfortable apartments with all the conditions.

Foreign students are trained on the contract basis in concordance with the law of Kyrgyz republic “About the legal status of foreigners” Foreign citizens of the Kyrgyz origin enjoy the equal rights as Kyrgyz citizens. All Institute entrains enjoy the rights independently sex racial & national belonging social and property ststus, ideaelogy, region, place of residence and other circumstances.

Every year many national and religious festivals celebrate with pomp and Jy.National festivals included the republic day while religious celebrated from the Indian sub conrinent are diwwali,holi,sankaranti,ifran party in the holy month of Ramadn,Eid, etc.